Kind Words

Macrame Creations


Macrame Hanging Altar:
“Love Love LOVE this....!!!  We bought this for the nursery of our first child.  My husband and I own a yoga studio and a dear friend gave us a Baby Ganesha statue from India which we have displayed on this altar in our child's room.  We do not know what we are having - boy or girl - so the nursery has a bohemian and nature oriented "theme".  Forest meets the Sea.  This was the perfect addition to give our room the special touch.  My husband even loved it!!!  Great quality.  Good energy.  Lovely creation.  That's what matters to us.”  Kate Smith, United States

Macrame Car Hanging:
“I love this piece so much!  I received it recently and have already gotten so many compliments on it.  It gives my car a bohemian, beach feel.  I love purchasing from this store - all of the items that I have received have had incredible energy and have been beautifully made.  I can tell that the artist behind these pieces is deeply committed to her spiritual practice.  It shows in the work that she creates.  Thank you very much for sharing your art with the world.”  Maria Toro, United States

Custom Macrame Hanging:
"I could immediately feel the potency of this hanging macrame, handwoven just for me, as I unwrapped it.  It brought me to tears.  Katrina is immensely intuitive and her weaving powers are SO tapped in.  The fiery and sexy tangerine quartz to personalize it -- exploding with feminine power -- was carefully and perfectly chosen not only to my personal path, but aligned to these times... I couldn't be more impressed and delighted with the magic of what came through Katrina.  This very ALIVE creation is now blessing the sacred space of my bed altar."  Christina Louise, United States

Macrame Mini Hanging Shelf:
“My heart!  Oh my gosh lady, you are amazing!  The piece is saturated with love and incredibly grounding energy, I feel the Australia vibes!  I am SO honoured to have your piece in my sacred space.  I love it!”  Alyssa Campo, United States


I Affirm Cards

“If I could give 10 out of 5 stars, I would!  Katrina is wonderful to work with!  I recently purchased a set of 5 cards to share with my clients at a grief counseling center.  I have used them personally and professionally.  When I'm having a rough time (like this morning), I selected one to help me get centered and re-focused.  Today's was "I can always 'begin again' in this moment."  It helps me let go of whatever it is and then be able to move on.  I also have invited clients to select them when they are struggling to find some solid ground in their situations or about themselves as people.  I like to use them also at the end of session as a nice closing ritual and take-away affirmation for our time together.  I'm thinking of sending some to a friend who is also going through a lot personally.  These cards have so many uses.”  Laura Bradbury, United States


“I am head-over-heels in love with these affirmation cards.  The cards are durable and well-made, the artwork is wonderful, and the minimalistic design is so pleasing to look at.  Each affirmation speaks directly to my soul and instantly realigns me with my truth in subtle but profound ways.  Of all the inspiring affirmations I've come across, I've yet to encounter a compilation as beautiful and reso(ul)nant as these.  My original intention was to gift a set to a dear sister but I ended up purchasing one for myself as well.  So glad I did.  The energy imbedded in these affirmations uplift and inspire me everyday.  Shipping, by the way, was very quick.  Thank you for sharing your light through your heart-felt creations, Katrina!  I will be recommending this shop to everyone.  Much love!”  Jackie Warren, United States


“These cards are absolutely beautiful.  I could not stop buying items from this store and I have zero regrets.  All items that I have purchased have felt infused with beautiful, peaceful energy.  These cards are of excellent quality and have unique affirmations that have spoken to my soul.  I appreciate this artists' work so much.  I can't wait to see what else is posted in the future!”  Maria Toro, United States


Create It Yourself macramé kits


“I had so much fun creating this!  It has really kick-started me into a new, fun pastime.  I am grateful to the owner of this shop for making macrame so accessible, and for sharing her wisdom with the world.  The pattern is lovely, the directions are easy to follow, the cord is quality, and the citrine stone is beautiful!”  Caitlin Oliver, United States


“So so beautiful!  The kit is so lovingly put together and very personable.  The crystals are just special.  I am excited to be working on my first macrame wall hanging - Thank you.”  Sacha Bowen, Australia


“This is my first time doing any sort of crafts, and I’m not a very artsy creative person so I did not expect to finish it, but managed to get this gorgeous hanging done within 3 hours.  I had to redo certain parts but once I got the hang of it I zoomed through the rest.  And even managed to squeeze the extra mini rose crystals in between for more loving!  Thank you so much!!!”  Julie Wulandari, Singapore


Macrame workshops


“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Katrina.

Having just started my own creative business, I was looking for the perfect person to collaborate with for the launch of my very first event at The Maker's Tribe.  I think it was fate that brought us together because when I found Katrina's website and then met her in person, our business values seemed to align on so many levels.  She was down to earth, easy and approachable, and passionate about helping people tap into their innate creativity.

Katrina went above and beyond to teach her Macramé workshop to a room of 12 women.  She was patient in her teachings and her passion for her craft clearly shone through.  It wasn't 'just' a macrame class, there was purpose and meaning behind it, with each attendee setting an intention for their piece at the beginning of the session.  She brought a calm energy to the room and it was a delight watching her in her element.  She clearly has a gift for teaching and connecting people through creativity.  I couldn't have wished for a better business collaboration.

I loved working together with Katrina and hope to do so again in the future.  Thank you for a positively uplifting experience!”  Megan Boxsell, The Maker's Tribe