CARD DECKS to inspire…

Soul-words from my heart to yours.

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affirm card deck

‘I AFFIRM…’ is a deck of 40 affirmation cards.  Each card features a unique and inspiring affirmation, bordered by a mandala design.  Words and art by me, Katrina Smith.

Pick an affirmation card and place it somewhere that will catch your eye on a daily basis, to act as a constant reminder of the soul-ful change you desire.

A ‘taste’ of the affirmations…
“I see their soul & remember to love.”
“I simply allow all to unfold at the perfect time.”
“I start each day with a grateful heart.”
“I trust my passions will reveal to me my purpose.”
“I choose to live rather than just exist.”
“I follow my heart wherever it may lead me.”

The ‘I AFFIRM…’ cards are also sold together with a beautiful macrame piece to hang them on here.



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