Anahata chakra mandala macrame
Anahata chakra mandala macrameAnahata chakra mandala macrame



This macrame wall hanging features my ‘Anahata Chakra Mandala’ artwork printed on canvas, and is infused with GREEN JADE crystal pieces to resonate with the Heart Chakra.

I create each and every piece with the intention to not only adorn, but to act as a ‘talisman’, an instrument to inspire you to do, or feel, ‘some-thing’ that will connect you with your Divine nature.

Anahata Chakra affirmations:
I Love.  I am Loved.  I am Love…
I allow my heart space to be soft, tender & open…
I am kind & compassionate to myself & others…
I follow my heart, wherever it may lead me…
I forgive myself & others because I deserve peace…
Divine Love flows through me always…

I gift you these affirmations typed up and enclosed with your ‘Anahata Chakra Mandala’ hanging.  However, once you have your piece in your hands, you may choose to infuse it with your own personal intention or affirmation.

I suggest you hang your piece somewhere that will allow it to catch your eye on a daily basis, so it can continually speak to you, and act as a constant reminder of what you desire to re-connect with within yourSelf.

This is the 4th in a series for the seven major chakras.  They are all available here.



Anahata Chakra Mandala Macrame

Heart-and-hand-made macrame wall hanging using 100% Australian grown + made cotton cord.

Featuring ‘Anahata Chakra Mandala’ artwork by me (Katrina Smith) printed on canvas.

Infused with 8 x GREEN JADE crystal pieces to resonate with the Heart Chakra.

This macrame mandala wall hanging is approximately 70cm in length (from hanger to bottom of fringing), and approximately 20cm in width.

Charged with high frequency energy and blessings as it is created.

Each of my creations is an individual one… hand-made, therefore no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.  Always created in love, by Divine design, through my Heart and Hands, I feel each holds its’ own unique vibration and purpose.

All works copyright Katrina Smith 2016.  Copyright is not transferable with sale.


I have many people coming to me asking me to teach them what I do, and to help them create their own macrame piece.  So I have created these Create It Yourself (CIY) kits to do just that!  They are available here.


One of my favourite things to do is to create personalised macrame wall hangings.  I tune into your energy, select a crystal, receive its message, and weave it all together into a talisman destined for you.  I would love to hear from you if you have an idea of something you would like created, or if you feel drawn to one of my creations but would like it slightly different.  More about custom pieces here.

Flat Rate within Australia: $10
Flat Rate International:  $15

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